Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A post from 18/09/2015

I found this post i'd written from last year, man oh man how things have panned out since :-/

Two connected posts on social media really struck me today.

The fact that Donald Trump is even a candidate for the elections astounds me, but when I saw this post it just made me cringe?? :-(

Donald Trump criticised for not correcting 'Obama is Muslim' man

It really makes me worry when people who have such a large political sphere of influence and they are 'allowing' or not reacting to such small minded, ignorant and intolerant views. I will be watching this election with all my fingers and toes crossed - GO HILLARY!

This story being a parent obviously touched me to. Such a sweet kid, such a disappointing story...

Misinformation breeds ignorance, and ignorance breeds fear.

It's such a shame that someone's enthusiasm to explore and to invent was taken in such the wrong way.

My kids were talking about WW2 the other day, as they wanted to know why their school is called as it is (named after a leader of the French resistance movement). I caught A saying 'Yeah I don't like Italians' to his sister. I was like WHAT? WHY? 'because they helped the Germans in the War' This opened up a great discussion about acceptance and understanding, which led them to talking about the Charlie Hebdo attack, which was discussed at great length in every school in France, which I thought was really positive. We talked about individuals and how a group can't be blamed for their past or for people within their culture.
We talked about making their own opinions, we talked about organised religion and what I don't agree with. I tried not to indoctrinate them in my own beliefs (An atheist) - I am trying to allow them to formulate their own spiritual beliefs.
At the moment A says he believes in God which is fair enough and M always one to sit on the fence says she isn't really sure - which is fair enough to.
Through this discussion I realised the kids don't know any of the stories of the Bible. So I am currently looking for a good children's book on the History of Religion.
I felt very proud at how interested and open they were. We talked about difference and Racism/Homophobia it was really great. Someone once said aren't they a bit young to know about Gay people... Ummm WHY?
M x

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